Success stories

"Kevin was a fantastic instructor.  Patient and helpful!  So glad that I went to FIRC for my first course."  - A. S., July, 2019


"I was not comfortable handling a pistol at all, but after taking FIRC's NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting courses, and the excellent tips provided by the instructor on how to properly handle it, how to practice dry-firing with an unloaded pistol safely, and I am much more comfortable handling my self-defense firearm and am able to hit the paper consistently.  Kevin helped me so much!" - Lena K., March, 2019


"I just completed a basic pistol safety course with Kevin and found him to be a teacher of the highest quality. A certified instructor, he is knowledgeable and precise about safe shooting, and about safe use of firearms generally. He answered all of my questions, and seemed to intuitively appreciate where I am with my individual training goals. More than that I see him as a natural born teacher, highly focused and receptive to questions while also tuned into the students learning goals.  And warning of mis-steps, correcting when necessary: that's important in firearms training. I learned a lot from this course and would certainly recommend (and would select for myself) this excellent teacher for further training." - D., February 2020


"I have been a gun owner for most of my life only recently have I started concealed carry again. So, I decide to take a course as a refresher. The course itself gave good basic information. Kevin and Tim were great in the classroom presenting the information but also engaging in conversation about the topics being covered. When we got out of class and on to the range, we had a lot of fun doing different shooting drills Kevin and Tim were vary mindful of safety and they were able to help improve my shooting skill. I highly recommend FIRC NH for If you are looking to Get some new skills or just to refresh your old one." - R. P., June 2020


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