What FIRC Can Do For You?

Whether you want to learn how to shoot without other students, improve your skills and abilities, build confidnece in your firearm handling, understand various state laws, or want to learn about the safety aspects of competative shooting sports such as International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), US Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and its affiliates, FIRC Instructors can assist you! 



We will also come to you for training!*



From first timers to Competition shooters  - FIRC Instructors help you understand the basic firearm safety rules and get you hitting the target.


Looking to get a Concealed Carry permit?  FIRC has classes specially designed for MA, CT, NH, FL and ME.


To scheudule small groups or one-on-one training, contact us.


Our personal instruction rates begin at $135 for the first 2 hours ($150 for firearms other than pistol), and $50 ($60) each hour after that.  We can modify our 2 hour minimum for children or customers with special needs.  Personal (one-on-one) certified class costs are calculated based on personal instruction rates and average number of hours to complete the course.  Group reservations reduce the price of personal instruction rates.



* Note, when shooting is required, our approved range will need to be used unless you have authorization from yours to bring in an outside instructor.